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Eye Exams in Dallas, Carrollton and Richardson

Did you know that a complete eye exam is the only reliable way to ensure that your vision and eyes are healthy? It doesn’t matter if you see clearly and have no uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Many eye conditions do not present symptoms until they have progressed to a late stage and already caused damage to your lasting vision. Fortunately, our eye doctors are here to inspect your eyes fully and help preserve your sharp, healthy vision with comprehensive eye exams in Dallas, Carrollton and Richardson!

Using the latest digital equipment and advanced diagnostics, we perform eye exams for patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Just as bodies grow and change over time, so do eyes. The sooner we spot the signs of a problem, the sooner you will benefit from eye care to keep your vision crisp and clear for as long as possible.

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We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

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Whether you wear disposable or conventional lenses, check out our wide selection to fit your needs.

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We may be called The Contact Lens Centers but we are proud of our fashion sunglass collection.

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How Important are Your Eyes?

It is mind-blowing to consider all the ways in which you depend upon your eyes. You need sharp vision to read, view images, learn new information, drive, shop, play sports and fully appreciate all the wonders of the world that surround you. To live with reduced vision or vision loss can be limiting and isolating. Our compassionate eye doctors are dedicated to helping you maintain your clear and healthy vision for as long as possible. We aim to keep you living independently as you make the most of all that life has to show you!

Our patients in Dallas, Carrollton and Richardson – new and returning – are all unique members of our eye care family. We respect each and every person as an individual, and we will customize your eye care to meet your personal requirements. In order to do this, an open and positive relationship between you and us is essential! In addition to knowing about your overall health condition and family eye history, we also want to know about your hobbies, lifestyle needs and preferences. All of this information forms the foundation to help us protect your precious sense of sight.

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