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Why Are Regular Eye Exams Necessary?

You see clearly and you have no complaints about your eyes. So you may be wondering – why schedule an eye exam? And does your insurance plan cover routine eye exams? We hear these questions all the time from our patients in Dallas and Carrollton, TX , and we have many good answers for you!

Vision Tests Are Not the Same as Eye Exams

family train 1280x853Adults often undergo vision tests at the local pharmacy, and kids have vision screening in school. Yet these checks are not the same as eye exams performed by your local eye doctor. Vision screening only inspects visual acuity, which is important – yet is only one part of your total eye health.

During an eye exam, our Dallas and Carrollton, TX optometrist will meet with you and pay attention to your whole eye history and overall health. With a range of advanced technology and diagnostic tools, he’ll check much, much more than your ability to read the numbers and letters on an eye chart! Our Dallas and Carrollton TX eye exam will look closely at your entire visual system. This includes assessing your eye muscles, peripheral (side) vision, hand-eye coordination, and health of your inner eye tissues.

Don’t Wait for Warning Signs

It’s a mistake to wait until you notice a change in your vision before visiting an eye doctor. Many eye conditions and diseases stay symptomless and silent at the beginning. Warning signs, such as vision disturbances and problems, may not appear until a late stage of the disease. Unfortunately, once the eye disease has progressed, treatment is generally less effective. It can be dangerous to your health to wait for symptoms!

Insurance for Dallas and Carrollton TX Eye Exams

Eye exams are critical for your well-being, and therefore many insurance plans will provide coverage. Our staff at The Contact Lens Centers is knowledgeable about different vision insurance and medical health insurance plans. Please contact us for help to figure out what eye exams your family is entitled to receive with your specific policy.

Eye Exams Can Save Your Vision & Your Life

You have probably heard of macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Most likely you also know of someone who may have vision loss from one of these conditions. Yet did you know that with early treatment of these diseases, permanent vision loss or blindness can be prevented? Only a comprehensive eye exam can detect the presence of these ocular diseases – before they damage your vision.

By evaluating your retina and optic nerve with a high-powered magnifying device, we can also spot signs of a life-threatening condition, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, or a brain tumor. Eye exams protect both your vision and your general health.

Why Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

Although many eye diseases are associated with aging, children need eye exams for healthy eyesight too! In Dallas and Carrollton, TX, our eye doctor will check your child thoroughly for many common conditions, such as lazy eye(amblyopia), problems with eye alignment (strabismus), and difficulty with focusing. All of these vision conditions can interfere with learning to read and write, as well as cause poor coordination and weak sports performance. However, once these eye conditions are diagnosed, we can treat your child to avoid vision-related problems.

Now that you understand all the reasons to come in for an eye exam in our Dallas and Carrolton, TX practice, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, we look forward to checking all our new and returning patients!

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