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Dallas Eye Exams

A Regular Eye Test is the Secret to Healthy Eyes in Dallas

It is imperative that we all have an eye exam frequently. This is even children on their way to an eye exammore important for kids. Youngsters in Dallas should have an eye exam from as young as 6 months. At 3 and 6 their eyes ought to be evaluated by an eye doctor once again. Regular eye examinations are essential when your child starts high school. If you suspect that your daughter or son might have an eye problem, do not hesitate – get an eye exam done as rapidly as possible.
In premature babies vision problems often arise as they grow, so their eyes might need to be examined more than a baby with standard sight. Children with a family history of eye issues are likewise at risk of hereditary vision diseases, and they too need to have more regular eye exams.
In adults, the frequency of eye check ups will differ according to age. Adults older than 40 years with typical vision ought to have an eye test every 2 or 3 years. However those who currently wears glasses or contacts need an eye test in Dallas every year.

An eye exam is even more important as we get older

People with high blood pressure or diabetes need to receive an eye evaluation every year. Those of us over the age of 40 certainly should have their eyes examined every two years, while those over 60 years of age should go once a year for an eye examination. People older than 60 years can be susceptible to presbyopia, cataracts.
A regular vision exam in our office in Dallas consists of the following: information about your family’s eye history, near and far sight screening, eye co-ordination, along with an external and internal evaluation of both eyes. If you currently wear contacts or glasses, these will certainly also be checked. The expense for an eye examination can generally be claimed from your medical insurance coverage.
Just like other organs of your body, your eyes need to be cared for carefully. To maintain healthy eyes, you have to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Take minerals and vitamin supplements. If your eyes are starved of Vitamin A, you might get night blindness. When going outdoors in bright sunshine, use sunglasses that have high UV protection.
Smoking is extremely bad for your eyes. Individuals who smoke greatly for a lengthy period of time are prone to macular degeneration (blind spot on the eye) and even full blindness. If you are a smoker, it’s time to start considering stopping.
For more information about our eye exams, and other eyecare services offered at The Contact Lense Centers, please contact us or schedule an appointment in our Dallas office.

Learn what to expect at a complete eye exam: