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Carrollton Eye Exams

Are You Due For an Eye Exam in Carrollton?

If you wear glasses or contacts, you probably have an eye examinationIMG 1427 every 1 to 2 years to update your prescription. Nevertheless, everybody needs to have routine eye exams in Carrollton to ensure that they are not having other vision problems develop.
Children often receive vision-screening exams at the pediatrician or from the school nurse. While these tests are often valuable in determining if your child is having a vision problem, they are no alternative for a routine eye test by a certified eye doctor.
Youngsters with vision problems can have difficulty with discovering how to focus and with copying work from the board at school. An eye test can let you know if a kid requires glasses and those glasses can help the kid to be successful at school. If there are particular health problems that you are dealing with, you need to have an eye examination by an eye doctor.
Individuals with diabetes should see an eye doctor. Your doctor will certainly insert eye drops into your eye to dilate the pupils in order to see inside the eye and to look for  any capillaries that may have broken causing bleeding inside the eye. This condition can result in macular degeneration which, if left unchecked can lead to blindness.In addition, if you have other health conditions, your general practitioner might likewise refer you to the eye doctor.
Individuals without these conditions should schedule a test with a Carrollton eye doctor, who can examine your eyes for vision changes and do a basic eye exam to check for eye health.
One test that the doctor can do is a procedure testing the pressure of the fluid inside the eye. If this pressure is high, it can enhance the chance of you developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is typically a painless condition, however it can result in loss of sight.
Additionally the optometrist wil check to see that your eyes are working together and if you have to have glasses or contacts to remedy your vision.

Eye Exams when you are older are even more important

Once you reach about age forty, the muscles that allow you to focus at different ranges do not work as well. In particular, you may have difficulty focusing on items or reading material that is up close. If you are having these troubles, it is an excellent indicator that it is time for an eye exam.
If your eyes are operating regularly in other aspects, the doctor might just recommend that you buy some quality reading glasses. If there are other issues with your vision, the doctor might recommend that you purchase prescription glasses that have either bi-focal or multi-focal lenses. Multi-focal lenses are very popular, as they are more commonly known as no line bi-focal glasses.
Any time you notice any change in your vision, you must arrange a consultation with your optometrist at The Contact Lens Centers in Carrollton for an eye examination. Eye tests generally cost less than one hundred dollars. The money you spend for an eye test is a small expense compared with the security you may provide for yourself against the possibility of losing your sight.

Watch this short video to learn how important an eye exam really is:

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